Assignment 5 Grading

Grading Delegation

Angelika: Section 1
Sophia: Section 2
Catherine: Section 3
Angel: Section 4
Patrick: Section 5
Ashley: Section 6

Getting Started

  • Head on over to the Gradescope page and click Assignment 5. Then click Grade Submissions on the left-hand side.
  • Start by hovering over 1: HTML and clicking Submissions as it fades in.
  • Click on your section number in the section column to load submissions from students in your section.
  • Use . and , to move forward and backward respectively through the questions on an individual submission!
  • Once complete, use z to move on to the next submission.
  • Continue until the submission counter at the bottom-left is the last submission you’ll need to grade!

No need to reach out to any students who don’t submit—Carter will be bcc’ing as the course goes on!


Gradescope has a full rubric with which to score answers! Feel free to post in the #cs50-for-jds channel with any questions that come up!

Leaving comments

No need to reiterate the rubric when leaving a comment, as students can see the rubric once an assignment is graded. All the same, try avoid generics such as “improve the explanation” or “could be better answered”, in favor of pointing out specifics that might not be in the rubric!

Assignment Check-ins

If there are any additional submissions to a prior assignment, please check to see if the submission is from a student in your section. If so, please grade it soon!