Assignment 0 Grading

Grading Delegation

Since students are still joining the Gradescope course, we’ll split submissions evenly across all 6 TFs:

Angelika: Submissions 1–12, inclusive
Sophia: Submissions 13–24, inclusive
Catherine: Submissions 25–36, inclusive
Angel: Submissions 37–48, inclusive
Patrick: Submissions 49–60, inclusive
Ashley: Submissions 61–72, inclusive

This comes out to about 12 submissions per TF! We’ve assigned whole assignments instead of individual questions, since some questions build on students’ prior answers.

We’ll be able to assign “sections” for the future, once everyone is in Gradescope!

Getting Started

  • Head on over to the Gradescope page and click Assignment 0. Then click Grade Submissions on the left-hand side.
  • Start by hovering over Q 1.1: URL and clicking Submissions as it fades in.
  • Find the first submission you’ve been assigned, and click that person’s name.
  • Use . and , to move forward and backward respectively through the questions on an individual submission!
  • Once complete, use z to move on to the next submission.
  • Continue until the submission counter at the bottom-left is the last submission you’ll need to grade!


Gradescope has a full rubric with which to score answers! Feel free to post in the #cs50-for-jds channel with any questions that come up!