Project 0: Search


Project Deadline 2023-06-25T23:59:00-04:00
Late Deadline 2023-06-28T23:59:00-04:00
Grading Deadline 2023-07-01T23:59:00-04:00

Staff Solution

Please notify Doug if you don’t have access to the above via vault50.


Per the specification for this project, students are expected to implement the following eight features:

  • Pages. Your website should have at least three pages: one for Google Search, one for Google Image Search, and one for Google Advanced Search.
  • Links. On the Google Search page, there should be links in the upper-right of the page to go to Image Search or Advanced Search. On each of the other two pages, there should be a link in the upper-right to go back to Google Search.
  • Text Queries. On the Google Search page, the user should be able to type in a query, click “Google Search”, and be taken to the Google search results for that page.
  • Image Queries. On the Google Image Search page, the user should be able to type in a query, click a search button, and be taken to the Google Image search results for that page.
  • Advanced Queries. On the Google Advanced Search page, the user should be able to provide input for the advanced search options.
  • Advanced Alignment. Like Google’s own Advanced Search page, the four options should be stacked vertically, and all of the text fields should be left aligned.
  • Lucky. Add an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to the main Google Search page. Consistent with Google’s own behavior, clicking this link should take users directly to the first Google search result for the query, bypassing the normal results page.
  • Aesthetics. The CSS should resemble Google’s own aesthetics.

Project 0, unlike all other projects in the course, is graded along the axis of Correctness only.



  • 5 if the requirements above are met with the student having introduced no bugs.
  • 4 if there is one minor bug.
  • 3 if there are multiple minor bugs, or one major bug, or at least one of the requirements appears to be missing entirely.
  • 2 if there are several major bugs, or at least three of the requirements appear to be missing entirely.
  • 1 for a very clearly low-effort (missing the implementation of five or more requirements) or very broken submission.
  • 0 for no submission at all.