Project Deadline 2023-06-25T23:59:00-04:00
Late Deadline 2023-06-28T23:59:00-04:00
Grading Deadline 2023-07-01T23:59:00-04:00

Staff Solution


Please notify Doug if you don’t have access to the above via vault50.


Per the specification for this project, students are expected to implement the following:

  • Implement an AI-controlled paddle (either the left or the right will do) such that it will try to deflect the ball at all times. Since the paddle can move on only one axis (the Y axis), you will need to determine how to keep the paddle moving in relation to the ball. Currently, each paddle has its own chunk of code where input is detected by the keyboard; this feels like an excellent place to put the code we need! Once either the left or right paddle (or both, if desired) try to deflect the paddle on their own, you’ve done it!

Project 0, unlike all other projects in the course, is graded along the axis of Correctness only.



  • 5 if the requirements above are met with the student having introduced no bugs.
  • 4 if there is one minor bug.
  • 3 if there are multiple minor bugs, or one major bug.
  • 2 if there are several major bugs.
  • 1 for a very clearly low-effort submission.
  • 0 for no submission at all.