Assignment 4 (Web Development)


Assignment Deadline 2023-07-16T23:59:00-04:00
Late Deadline 2023-07-19T23:59:00-04:00
Grading Deadline 2023-07-22T23:59:00-04:00

Special Case Questions

Use the standard 3-point scale for grading, except as follows:

Question 3

Asks students to implement a website, and enumerates a list of factors that must be present in the site to earn credit. These factors are explicitly enumerated in Gradescope, but will be restated here. Six of these points are objective criteria:

  • 1 point if the main page of the site is index.html exactly like that (no capitalization!), 0 points otherwise.
  • 2 points if the student has designed a second HTML page. 0 points otherwise.
  • 1 point if there is a link on the main page of the site that can be clicked to bring you to this second page. 0 points otherwise. The reverse need not be true.
  • 1 point if the project contains at least one viewable (not broken) image. 0 points otherwise.
  • 1 point if the project contains an external CSS file (not merely CSS located between <style> tags. 0 points otherwise.
  • 2 points if that CSS file has been properly linked to the HTML using external referencing <link> tags. 0 points otherwise.

The last is subjective. 4 points are awarded based on the complexity of the site. A potential soft guideline for this is as follows (you need not explicitly adhere to this rubric, but this could be a starting point for you to consider how you might score these). Award:

  • 4 if the site contains 50+ lines of HTML and 20+ lines of CSS.
  • 3 if the site contains 35-50 lines of HTML and 14+ lines of CSS.
  • 2 if the site contains 20-35 lines of HTML and 8+ lines of CSS.
  • 1 if the site contains less than 20 lines of HTML and less than 8 lines of CSS.
  • 0 for unsubmitted/blank sites.

Note that obviously there is gray area here (What if a student has lots of HTML but little CSS, etc.) Use your judgment but be consistent is all we ask.