Problem Set 4


Problem Set Deadline 2023-07-06T11:59:00-04:00
Late Deadline 2023-07-09T11:59:00-04:00
Grading Deadline 2023-07-10T11:59:00-04:00

Getting Started

  1. Open Gradescope and choose “Problem Set 4: XXX”, replace “XXX” with the problem you’re grading. Click “Grade Submissions” in the left-hand column.
  2. Hover over the “2: Design” question, until you see “Submissions” appear. Click that link.
  3. Sort the submissions by Section, then find your name. Click on your name to pull up only those students assigned to you to grade. You might also find Gradescope’s own instructions on grading by section helpful!
  4. For each submission assigned to you, you should leave feedback on the code’s correctness, design, and/or style via comments in Gradescope. You should also enter a design score, which will range from 0 (not submitted) to 5. Please see the grading guidelines for this week’s problems.
  5. Recall that we are imposing a target maximum of 20% “5”s for Design this semester. If you find yourself awarding more than that, best to re-evaluate your personal rubric.

Leaving In-line Comments

  • Click on the line of code you’d like to comment on, enter your comment, and click “Save”.


The student will see your comment in a form like this!


Gradescope tips

  • Using “z” will move you to the next ungraded submission