Puzzle Day Advertising


Each year, CS50 distributes sets of puzzle pieces to advertise Puzzle Day. When the right pieces are put together, they form the following (with a secret QR code on the back!):

Harvard Front

Your job is to distribute the individual pieces in this puzzle, so that each entryway on campus can construct the puzzle themselves.


Each staff member is responsible for dropping Puzzle Day puzzle piece flyers underneath doors in their assigned entryways. Find your entryway assignment on Google Sheets.

  • If more than one staff member is assigned to a particular house or dorm, you should coordinate amongst yourselves on how best to delegate the entryways.
  • For each entryway in which you drop puzzle pieces, be sure to fill out the form at cs50.ly/doordrop that will log your completion of your door-dropping and help us plan for next year.
  • You’ll receive your puzzle pieces at Fall Staff Training, lovingly crafted into a bundle like the below by Carter himself. 💖 For each entryway, be sure to doordrop pieces from mixed locations in the stack: the bundles are in fact 4 layers of puzzle pieces, where the pieces in each layer are the same. We want to distribute pieces from each of the 4 layers to each entryway, so that each entryway can ultimately solve the 4-piece puzzle.

    Puzzle Piece Bundle

  • Deliver your puzzle pieces no later than the evening of fall staff training.