Summer Problem Sets

Each summer, CS50’s staff (re)-completes the course’s problem sets to refamiliarize ourselves with the content we’ll be teaching in the fall. This is a great opportunity to attempt new solutions to problems you’ve already completed, to try new problems if you didn’t get to complete CS50’s “more comfortable” problems, and to identify common places students might get stuck.

What to Do

  • Visit the CS50 Staff Gradescope course. You should be able to log in via HarvardKey.
  • Submit (re)-implementations of each problem from spring 2023. For problems with more/less comfortable versioning, only one submission to either version is sufficient. You can find this past spring’s problem sets at (A prior version of this page mentioned the fall problem sets, but the specifications for the problem sets in the spring course are easier to access!)

When to Do It

Each staff member should submit their solutions to the Gradescope course by midnight on the day of fall training, 2023-09-03T23:59:00-04:00.