Ed Assignments

Assignment schedule

Please find the Ed discussion forum assignments for the term on Google Sheets.

Ed monitoring guidance

Along with ddb50, CS50’s duck debugger, each staff member is expected to monitor the Ed discussion forum on their assigned days during the term. Monitoring includes:

  • Marking ddb’s answers as “Endorsed” when ddb answers questions correctly.
  • Elaborating on or correcting ddb’s answers when necessary (either by editing the duck’s response, or adding your own reply. Remember to endorse whatever is the correct response once you’re done.)
  • Anwering any questions the duck doesn’t respond to (if you know how to answer), and checking on recent posts that have new activity to monitor thread replies.
  • If the duck malfunctions (e.g. doesn’t answer, answers ‘undefined’, answers inappropriately or similar), please tag Rongxin on Ed (using the @) and leave a message in the sys-admins Slack channel.
  • For any inappropriate message, from a student, staff member or the duck, please contact heads immediately (and Rongxin for the duck).

Reminder emails

On the day that you are on duty, you should receive an automated email from me (Andrew) reminding you that it is your duty day for Ed. Please keep a look out for these. In case these malfunction, you don’t receive an email, or the email doesn’t align with the Google Sheet, please always consider the Google Sheet as the definitive assignment and let me know of the problem by emailing heads or messaging me on Slack.