Proposal Grading

Getting Started

  1. Open Gradescope and choose “Final Project: Proposal”. Click “Grade Submissions” in the left-hand column.
  2. Hover over the “1: Title” question, until you see “Submissions” appear. Click that link.
  3. Sort the submissions by Section, then find your name. Click on your name to pull up only those students assigned to you to grade. You might also find Gradescope’s own instructions on grading by section helpful!


  1. For each submission assigned to you, you should review the proposal top-to-bottom by using . to move “down” a proposal and , to move “up”. Use z to move to the next ungraded proposal. Even if a question is worth 0 points, be sure to mark it as “Reviewed”. A submission is not fully reviewed until you have input a score from the rubric for each of its components.
  2. Note any students who are working in a group, which they should declare in Q5. For these proposals, complete the Instructions for Group Work.
  3. After reviewing a proposal, follow the instructions in Announcing Proposal Decisions.

Instructions for Group Work

  1. For students working in a group, decide among the students’ TFs which TF will advise that group’s project. Balance projects so that everyone ends up with an approximately even number of project advisees. From now on, the advisor will be the group’s main point of contact, and the advisor will be responsible for feedback on all future project checkpoints.
  2. If you are the project advisor, ensure each student in the group receives the same score on the project proposal.
  3. Follow the steps in Announcing Proposal Decisions

Announcing Proposal Decisions

  1. If you are a student’s TF (or a group’s project advisor), identify yourself as such by sending an email to the student (or all of the students in the group, cc’ing the other TFs). Your email should either:
    • Approve the proposal, if the scope seems reasonable given the size of the group. We aim for the scope to be about 2 problem sets’ worth of work per student in the group.
    • Conditionally approve the proposal, subject to the students making changes you deem necessary (e.g., changes to scope).
    • Reject the proposal, and require that students complete another proposal.

Missing Submissions on Gradescope

If a student did not submit a proposal to Gradescope, email the student stating that you did not receive it and ask them to submit via email to you. We cannot accept any late components of a final project for credit, but students should still gain your approval for their project.

When to Complete your Feedback

We ask that you complete your feedback by 2022-11-18T23:59:00-05:00.