CS50 Test-Grading Party 2022

This is the homepage for all staff information regarding the CS50 Test-Grading Party 2022.



We’ll gather in the SOCH Event Hall, Room 104, at 59 Shepard St, Cambridge, MA 02138.


The Test-Grading party will be held 2022-11-28T17:00:00-05:00/2022-11-29T00:00:00-05:00.


We’ll have pizza, snacks, seltzer and the like on-hand!

Grading Instructions

We’ll grade the Test in Gradescope, where (by Sunday afternoon) you’ll find rubrics applied to the questions you’ve been assigned.

Getting Started

  • Find your grading assignment in the link emailed to staff, subject “Test-Grading Assignments”. Find grading guidelines and sample solutions linked in the same email.
  • Read your assigned question on the Test and then read the sample solutions and rubric for your question.
  • Identify the submissions assigned to you to grade:
    • If you’ve been assigned a question graded by 2 people, split the total number of test submissions (\(n\), say) into halves. The first grader will take 1 through \(n/2\), inclusive, while the second grader will take submission \(n/2 + 1\) to \(n\).
    • If you’ve been assigned a question graded by 3 people, split the total number of test submissions into thirds. The first grader will take the first third, the second the second, and so on.

Getting to Your Test Question

  • Click here to see the grading page for the “Test: Written Answers” assignment.
  • Find your question number (e.g., 2.1) in Gradescope. Hover over your assigned question until you see “Submissions” fade in. Click “Submissions” to see the student submissions for that question.
  • Click on the submission which has the ID (left-most column) matching the ID of the submission you should begin grading.
  • Grade submissions using the procedures below until you reach the submission with the last ID you should grade. Note the bottom left-hand “Submission: x of y” indicator.

Grading Procedures

  • For each question you are to grade, before you begin, look through the first 10–15 submissions so as to have a sense of what kinds of answers students are giving. If you have any questions about the rubric, please try to ask before you begin grading. Only start grading after doing both of the above.
  • For each response, read each question and give a score by clicking one of the rubric options on the right.
    • Do not manually override, assign fractional points, or otherwise diverge from the rubric options without conferring with Carter or David (at Harvard) or Cody or Jay (at Yale).
  • If you give less than full credit for any response, please include a brief comment in the “Provide comments specific to this submission” section of the page.
    • Keep any comments factual and/or encouraging. Avoid making any comments in jest.


  • You can re-use comments with the “Apply Previously Used Comments” menu to save time so that you don’t find yourself typing the same thing over and over!
  • You can type z in Gradescope to move on to the next ungraded submission.


Email heads@cs50.harvard.edu!