CS50 Puzzle Day 2022

This is the homepage for all staff information regarding CS50 Puzzle Day 2022.


See the authoritative schedule for staff responsibilities throughout CS50 Puzzle Day 2022. All staff are expected to attend from 11am to 4pm and absence without notice may result in consideration of dismissal from staff. Once you arrive, be sure Carter or a member of heads scans your ID with the staff scanner!

If you’re not scheduled for a particular shift (or if you have downtime during that shift), you’re welcome to participate in the puzzles themselves—even for prizes!

Please email heads@cs50.harvard.edu with your questions.


Event Setup

All staff should arrive for event set up at 11am, including placing tables/chairs, laying out CS50 swag, and preparing registration tables, among other tasks.


Staff at registration tables will distribute CS50 swag, scan student IDs, and ensure incoming participants know where to go!

Food Setup

Staff involved with food setup will work with Valerie Coffee, CS50’s Operations Manager, to transport and place food outside (or in the SEC’s LL2 atrium in case of rain).

Crowd Guidance

Staff involved with crowd guidance will be stationed at various doors in the SEC to point incoming participants toward the registration table, and to help in the event that anyone doesn’t know where to go.

Building Sweep

Staff involved in sweeping the building will help ensure the SEC is as clean when we’re done as it was when we began. This role involves helping to pick up stray materials, including papers, pens, and swag.

Food Teardown

Staff involved with food teardown will work with Valerie Coffee, CS50’s Operations Manager, to move remaining food.

Event Teardown

All staff should be present for event teardown after 3pm, which will involve returning tables/chairs, storing CS50 swag, and completing a final sweep of the building.